Mark Rotstein
Mark Rotstein

Mark Rotstein is the creator of Equilibrium Partners, Inc. He loves his work with the firm and believes firmly that he is able to do great things for the families he connects with in this capacity. However, he sees himself, first, as a family man.

He is married to Melanie Rotstein and they have three children together. They are both active in their children’s co-curricular activities and give generously to the schools their children attend.

Mark attended University of Toronto from 1985 – 1989 where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Neuroscience and Psychology. He then went on to attend Schulich School of Business where he earned his Master of Business Administration Degree in Finance.

Today he has put his education to good use in the industry of helping others. His primary interests lie in the role of Family Office. It is in this role that Mark is able to build strong relationships with his clients and become a trusted, and essential part of their lives. He sees himself as someone who plays the role of “family quarterback” for families that need a little help managing their assets in a way that satisfies their desires for philanthropy and need for growth.

It’s a delicate balance that Mark’s temperament and experience are ideally suited for. Because he is so devoted to building strong relationships with the families he serves – and to maintaining a balance with his own family – Mark keeps his client list short.

This allows him to provide an appropriate amount of access to his families, while still being a supportive presence in the lives of his own family members.

Mark believes it is important to stay grounded with his own family even while building strong connections with other families. From volunteering to work with his children in their own co-curricular pursuits to fun family vacations, family is important to Mark Rotstein. This is something he has in common with the clients he serves as family office.

While all of his clients aren’t necessarily large families, many of them are, and it is important for them to make sure that the needs of all family members are met without risking their charitable endowments and the bulk of the family assets. That is where Mark comes into the picture for them.

He helps manage the day to day aspects of their holdings so they can focus on the things that are most important to them rather than managing the minutia of money matters. Because he takes on the burden of these enormous responsibilities on behalf of the family, they are able to enjoy the privileges that go along with their enormous responsibilities.

Mark Rotstein is a man who believes in working hard, when the time comes. He provides extraordinary access to his clients so he can serve their needs best. But, he also manages to make time for his own family without sacrificing service or involvement in the lives of his clients. Isn’t it time you take a look at what Mark Rotstein can do for your personal needs and those of your family?