Mark Rotstein – What Services does He Offer Through EQ Partners?

If you ask Mark Rotstein what EQ Partners Services he has to offer the individuals and families he works with, he will tell you that it is all about establishing strong relationships that are built to last. He doesn’t come in as some silent figure lurking in the background and operating on the outside of the family or life of the individual he serves. He becomes an integral part.

EQ Partners in Action

At its core, EQ Partners, Inc. is a Family Office firm. That being said, Mark is open to taking on clients for other matters provided he has the necessary time set aside to provide to his Family Office clients. There are several services the firm offers, including those listed below.

Succession Planning – For high net-worth families, the death of a patriarch or matriarch of the family can leave a vacuum that causes a great deal of strife and disruption for the family. Mark can help families plan ahead for this eventuality so that everyone knows his or her expectations and to maintain the family legacy so that there is no need for drastic lifestyle changes or family infighting.

Budget Creation – For high net worth families interested in maintaining their net worth creating a budget that allows the family to meet all their obligations without touching the primary assets of the family can preserve them for future generations. Mark can help families maintain their comfortable lifestyles and security by creating a budget that accounts for maintaining household staff, philanthropic giving, taxes, real estate, and more while allowing the family to lead luxurious lifestyles as well. It’s all about preserving the family legacy.

Philanthropic Vetting – Many families struggle with choosing good causes to give their money, time, and energy too. There are few things more scandalous and disheartening than finding out an organisation isn’t what you thought it was after giving your time, money, and good name to that group and the cause it serves. Mark can help you vet organisations so that you know what you’re getting into before you give them anything.

Property Management – There is much more that goes into real estate investments than simply buying properties and owning them. They must be maintained, inventories, insured, taxed, and they need to have a purpose. Mark can help you with all your property management needs so that you can enjoy your properties rather than getting swallowed whole by the mundane details of owning them.

Goal Setting – For high net-worth families, goal-setting can be a particular trial. The larger the family is, the more difficult that goal becomes. Mark can help by first educating the family about various roles and responsibilities associated with their financial circumstances. Once the family agrees upon a few important goals, Mark can help create a plan for achieving each of those goals.

Whether working in the capacity of a Family Office or simply working for individuals and families who need specific services, Mark Rotstein, through EQ Partners, is able to maintain the same degree of discretion and the same core values for all clients he serves.