You may know Mark Rotstein as the founder of Equilibrium Partners, Inc. But, to the families his business serves, he is so much more. Largely in due to his professional philosophy and personal values.

EQ Partners is an organisation that assists high net worth families in many aspects of managing their households and assets. The technical term for what he does is Family Office. In this role, Mark has unprecedented access to the personal, private, and financial information of some of the most prominent families in and around Toronto.

In his position he requires a great deal of trust from the families that he serves. That is why his core values are so vitally important. These are a few of the values that Mark prizes so highly – and that set him apart from others offering similar services.

Keep the client list small. This enables Mark to provide adequate attention to the families and individuals he serves without neglecting his own family or one of his clients. It also allows him to build better, stronger, longer-lasting relationships with the clients he does work with.

Remain transparent and objective. What this means is that Mark doesn’t take on conflicts of interest. He doesn’t sell products or profit from recommendations. He has no ulterior motives for the counsel he provides.

Cooperate with existing advisors. It’s important to cooperate and work with the advisors families have trusted over the years. It helps to reassure the clients and allows Mark to focus his attention fully on other matters of importance to the clients.

Focus fully on the success of the client. While Mark is all about building relationships with the client, he does this as part of his effort to fully understand the needs and wishes of each client so Mark can help all of his clients achieve their own versions of success.

Pay attention to the details. Even the smallest details can matter a great deal to someone in the role of a Family Office. Mark is determined to allow no detail to escape his attention so he can serve the individuals and families who have trusted him with so much even better.

Mark Rotstein is a “hands-on” presence in the lives of the individuals and families he serves as Family Office for. He helps to educate their children about their roles and responsibilities, manage household staff, coordinate charitable giving and philanthropy, manage properties, plan estates, and more.

Mark prides himself in providing a force of stability for his families as they experience various changes in life. These changes, such as weddings, births, divorces, and even deaths can all bring big changes to the family finances and how the family office needs to operate. Mark is there to provide consistency, offer guidance, and maintain the financial empire so the families and individuals he serves are able to focus on the things most important to him without worrying about whether their household staff is going to get paid or their charity is going to keep on operating as they deal with the demands of these life changes. All of this is possible because of the philosophy and core values Mark Rotstein holds so dear.